Seasons & Holidays

Seasons    & Holidays

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Greatest Gift of Love

Every day is a good day to remind people of God's great love for them! That is something worth celebrating! Use any tract about God's love (A Gift for YouA Love Letter From Jesus, Love's Last Call, Loneliness, or other). Great tract pack for Valentines! 

God Has You in His Heart

Much of the world celebrates Valentine's so there's no better day to remind people of God's love for them! That is something worth celebrating! Use any tract about God's love (A Gift for YouA Love Letter From Jesus, or Love's Last Call). 

Have a Hot Drink

Everyone enjoys a hot drink on a cold day! And while you're at it, why not share the warmth of God's love! Use this tag when sharing an apple cider pack, box of tea with honey, or hot chocolate with a candy cane. 

Sharing Book Door Hanger

During the Christmas season the best gift you can give is hope, and that hope can be found in Jesus. Use this card with a sharing book and any other shareable treats that fit in a door hanger bag.

National Brownie Day! :) 

Once a year we can celebrate brownies and eat them and share them with no shame! Give the gift of sweetness and include the love of Jesus!

Happy Thanksgiving

Spread praise and thankfulness all month long with this GLOW tract pack. Add any GLOW tract and you'll be sharing gratitude and hope. Take this with you everywhere, and spread it like the leaves of autumn.

Holiday Survival Kit

The holiday season can be stressful for some and this little GLOW tract kit just reminds people that we can survive anything with Jesus by our side. Get your friends together, collect the items, and pack these re-closeable baggies with items and words of hope.  Include The Gift of Joy, A Gift For You, or any other Christmas type tract.

Jesus is the Sweetest Gift

Christmas is the best time to share Jesus.  People are receptive and love little gifts. With this GLOW tract pack you can remind them that Jesus is the sweetest Gift. Include a red and white starlight mint or a miniature candy cane along with any Christmas tract.

Thank you for Serving your Community (Thanksgiving edition)

Thanksgiving is for being thankful! There are many people who serve your community and they deserve a thank you for a job well done.  Stick one of these in your mailbox for the mail carrier, take some with you and deliver them as you run errands, or give them to anyone who provides a service for your family. Attach a candy on the front of the card and staple any tract facing out on the back.

We are Thankful for You

There are so many people in life that you can be thankful for.  Make some muffins, deliver some fruit, or write someone a card and include one of these GLOW tract pack so they know that you are thankful for them. Include any tract.

Thanksgiving Business Door Hanger

Business owners and employees work hard...especially during the holidays.  Put together a door hanger bag with this note, a sharing book, and a tract pack in order to let each worker know that you appreciate the hours and the effort that they put forth in your community. Everyone loves to be appreciated!

Apple Cider

This is the perfect gift to share during the fall.  When the air is crisp and people start wearing sweatshirts again, hand them a pack of apple cider and wish them a happy day. The tract gets stapled on under the "Warmth of God's Love" card. Share any tract that tells about the love of Jesus or His soon return.

Don't Be Scared! Jesus Loves You!

Especially appropriate for Halloween, this little gift will excite most children! On October 31, children will be flocking to many doors, and the least we can do for them is to share Jesus.

Fall for Jesus, He never leaves

As winter is coming on, share with others the fact that Jesus will never leave them. Help for Loneliness and What the World Needs Now are great choices.  There are plenty of other options as well. You can insert any candy or object that reminds you of fall.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Spread Christmas joy this holiday season. It's the perfect time of year to share love and share Jesus with others! People are especially receptive during the month of December!

May you Find JOY in Jesus

A way to share Jesus during the holidays! Share any Christmas tract you have and take these with you when you run errands. Or get your friends together, put together these GLOW packs, and then have fun sharing them around your community. People are so receptive during the month of December.  Take every opportunity to share Jesus!

Trick or Truth

What better time to hand things out than when the masses are crowding to your door!  Use this to share when children or adults come to your door or you can go door-to-door yourself handing out your goodies. Alternatively, you can hand this out the whole month of October.  People will love your little treat! Another great Halloween style tract for kids is How to Stop Being Scared.

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