• This is a Gratitude Calendar leading up to Thanksgiving. This family favorite is filled with fun fall activities, acts of kindness, and many exercises in gratitude.


    There are 25 numbered activity cards, and there is a list of 36 fall and gratitude activities, plus random acts of kindness.  The activity cards go up on the wall with an activity written on the back.  When November 1 arrives, the kids excitedly pluck it off the wall and read the activity for the day.  The countdown to Thanksgiving begins!


    What's included?

    List of all 36 Activities with Description

    25 Wall Activity Cards (fall themed colors vary)

    1 Fall Random Acts of Kindness Page

    1 Thanksgiving Calendar

    1 Giving Praise to the Lord Page

    2 ABC Thankful List Page

    2 Gratitude Bingo

    1 Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

    2 Gratitude Prompts Pages

    2 Thanksgiving Family Conversation Starters Pages

    4 Thank You for Serving Your Community Tags

    6 You’re the Apple of God’s Eye Tags

    9 World Kindness Tags

    2 “Thankful” Cards

    1 30 Days of Gratitude


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    November Gratitude Calendar

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