• It's important to use the Sword of the Spirit to fight our temptations and our weakness.  Each of these offense cards shares what the Bible says about some of the character offenses we deal with in life.  They also give a scripture "weapon" that we can claim and memorize.  Great for character development, memorization, and study.


    The 32 offenses include complaining, lying, anger, fearfulness, selfishness, not listening, pride, bad words, laziness, disobedience, arguing, unkindness, boasting, defiance, bad attitude, judging others, being impulsive, interrupting, tattling, disrespect, being irresponsible, being revengeful, talking too much, teasing, stealing, being messy, being bossy, blaming, worrying, impure thoughts, stubbornness, and uncaring.


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    Character Offense Flashcards

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