• This is a super fun way for your family to count down the days until Christmas!  This Advent Calendar is filled with 42 ideas for holiday family fun as well as kindness and service so that you can start teaching your children the joy that comes from serving others. This calendar also includes extra activity printables, gifts tags, books suggestions, and Around the World fun!  You'll learn something new, be inspired to serve, and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas!


    The 24 activity cards go up on the wall after you have written an activity of your choice on the back of each one.  When December 1 arrives, the kids excitedly pluck it off the wall and read the activity for the day.  The countdown to Christmas begins!


    What's Included?

    Instruction Page

    List of all 42 Activities with Description

    24 numbered activity cards

    1 set of 24 Christmas Around the World cards

    1 sheet of “Merry Christmas from our Family” cards

    1 sheet of “Joy Beyond Measure” cards

    2 Christmas Family Conversation Starters Pages

    8 Thank You for Serving Your Community Tags

    1 Christmas Story

    2 Christmas Scattegories (you can copy)

    2 Acts of Kindness Scavenger Hunt

    1 Christmas Acrostic

    6 My Gift for Jesus cards, plus instructions

    Adult Random Acts of Kindness

    Random Acts of Kindness Cards (2 for gift cards, 2 without)


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    December Advent Calendar

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