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Spread the Word

I'd love to help more people reach more people for Jesus. And you can help! There are lots of ways that you can help support this mission and help spread the word!

Here's how you can support this ministry:

Forward these blog posts to ministry minded people who you think would enjoy being subscribed to this blog.

Like and follow our facebook page. Share the posts. Get the word out!

Check out our store. There are resources for all ages that will grow your walk with Jesus, your family closeness, and your excitement in sharing Jesus. Buy them as gifts for your extended family or for friends who you think would appreciate these kinds of gifts and growth.

Donate. If you have used and been blessed by any of the resources on feel free to make a donation to help support this ministry. I am constantly working to provide more free resources to help you share Jesus in your community and sphere of influence. To make a donation go to the bottom of

Invite Finding Joy 4 Eternity to come to your church or school. We (my kids help too!) do sermons, outreach seminars, school events, and more. There are lots of options, based on what you're looking for. Contact us for more information.

Thank you so much for supporting this ministry! I appreciate each one of you. :)

God bless you!

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