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Kids Can Share Jesus

As a young mom, the desire to show my kids how to share Jesus started growing inside me. I've always wanted them to be active in loving, giving, sharing, reaching out, and caring for others. Maybe some of you can relate that it's a bit harder to involve little ones in these types of things, but in my post today, I want to encourage you mom's with little ones that it is very possible to use them in a very active way to share Jesus with others. There are lots of things that they can do.

In a facebook post not long ago, I shared a few ways that little ones can be active in working for Jesus, and I thought I would share those ideas and more right here.

Remind your children that the Bible says, "inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me." So when we serve others, we are serving Jesus.

Talk with them about what they can do for others in order to show Jesus' love. You'll be amazed at their ideas.

Here are some of my ideas that you can do with your little ones: 1. Earn money (even fundraise) and pick something from the ADRA catalog. Or donate it to a local charity. Or use the money to buy things for a local charity and then deliver the items. 2. Color pictures and send them to shut-ins with a note that says we prayed for you (don't forget to pray for them!). Or take it to a neighbor. 3. Leave a treat and thank you in the mailbox for the mail carrier. 4. Send cards to sick kids - 5. Baked muffins for someone 6. Make appreciation notes or gifts for teachers, sabbath school teachers, pastor, or any other adults in their lives 7. Have an Acts of Kindness day at home. Have them keep track of all the acts of kindness they do for family members. At worship time, talk about all the things you did for each other. How did it make the other person feel? How did it make you feel? How did it make Jesus feel? 8. Call someone you know and sing them a song and pray for them. 9. Do a chore for their sibling 10. Write appreciation notes to family members and "hide" the notes some place you know they will find them. 11. Come up with an act of kindness to do. Anything. They could think of something kind to do for a friend.

12. Smile as many times as you can at someone.

13. Make up some GLOW tract packs let the kids deliver them whenever you run errands.

14. Take them to visit an elderly or disabled person. Have them make a card or color a picture to take.

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