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GLOW Tract Packs

Updated: Jan 12

About 10 years ago we came up with the idea of handing GLOW tracts out with an added item. It seemed like this idea would add an element to handing out GLOW tracts that would make it more desirable for the person receiving the GLOW tract, and it would make it easier for the person handing out the GLOW tracts. So we tried it. The first item we ever tried was a red and white StarLight Mint. We added a small card that said, "You're Worth a Mint to Jesus," and we put all of that into a small recloseable baggie with a tract. The response was amazing. People graciously and excitedly received our mint and tract, and we found that it was so much fun to share tracts this way. Over the past 10 years we have shared many items and many tracts. We have touched people's hearts. We have received many smiles and "thank yous." We have made many contacts and had many spiritual and encouraging conversations. And each began with some small item attached to a tract. It doesn't take extravagant means to share the love of Jesus and touch a life.

Under the "Free Downloads" heading you will find many cards that you can use to make GLOW tract packs of your own. All you will need is the small item, 4x5 reclosable bags, and a GLOW tract. These projects are great for any church department, schools, families, and individuals.

You can order 4x5 recloseable bags here:

Some of our projects for door-to-door work also include larger doorknob hanger bags that include a sharing books, a GLOW tract pack, and a small note. You can find these bags here:

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