• Amy Austin

December Advent Calendar

Soon it will be "the most wonderful time of the year..." And it's true! It can be. Many families get dismayed because Christmas can become such a materialistic time of year. December becomes busy with buying gifts, making food, and the commercialism that goes along with Christmas. But you can change that for your family, and this is one resource that can help you do that!

A long time ago I started making an Advent Calendar for our family to enjoy during the month of December. Instead of chocolates or toys or self-centered fun, we have filled the month with family bonding, service, and Christmas acts of kindness. It truly has become the most wonderful time of the year!

Check out this Calendar on my products page and give it a try this December. I think you'll find that it will bring so much joy to your family as you use the month to bring joy to others!

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