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You are Worth a Mint

This is another general tract pack that is great for any occasion and any time. Share it when you get groceries, when leaving a tip, or talking with a friend. Everyone needs to know that they are valued and loved by Jesus!

Just Popping By

You don't need a special occasion to stop by and say hello to someone! Use this popcorn as a little ice breaker to start the conversation or share popcorn with lots of people on National Popcorn Day (January 19). People will love it, and you'll get an opportunity to share the love of Jesus as well.

In God We Trust

Things happen in life that shake our faith or cause us to question what's going on. When tragedy strikes or chaos consumes the world around us, it's a great time to remind people that we can still trust the God of heaven.  Good tracts for this include "Is there Hope for the Future?" or "Can You Trust the Bible?" or "What the World Needs Now."

Hang your Troubles on the Lord

We all have troubles and need somewhere to hang them.  Some people don't know that the Lord wants to carry our burdens for us, so we must tell them.  Include any tract that will share hope with others.  A Better Future, Certainty in an Uncertain World, What the World Needs Now, or The Promise of Peace are good choices. 


People are burdened.  People are stressed.  People don't know where to turn, but you do!  Share a packet of tea with them, and be sure to include a GLOW tract that tells them why they don't need to be anxious.  You might include GLOW tracts such as Hope for the Future, A Gift for You, Certainty in an Uncertain World, Where is God When I'm Hurting?, or Talking With God. Other tracts will work also!

You were Mint to have Hope

We were all meant to have hope, but not everyone has heard!  Share this special card with any of the GLOW tracts that inspire hope, love, and certainty in who Jesus is.

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